The Miss List

We’re leaving what I like to call “our first home together.” I never imagined living on the 15th floor snuggled in bed next to a husband who steals the flannel sheets. He really does. He’s such a mean sleeper who swoops his arms like an imaginary hug and snags ALL of the blankets. It’s a life-long battle really. I never imagined owning two dogs, one that’s 120% extrovert and the other an independent, sweet soul. I never imagined a life with dramatic seasons and a rotating closet. I’ll miss Korea’s autumn after the dreadful summer, it was like a gift and reminder that we all survived the sun. I never imagined driving onto a military base for American-brand groceries & then buying local produce at the Korean market off post. I’ll miss the hoduk (cinnamon-packed pancakes) lady & the nut lady who overflowed my bag with dried sweet potatoes. I’ll even miss their colorful money. I never imagined teaching kids who adored snacks so much. But they really taught me how to listen, slow down, and use kind words. You’re smart. You’re hilarious. You’re beautiful. All true. I’ll miss their strong hugs. I never imagined a church so small yet large in love for the military & local community. I never imagined our home crowded with friends singing happy birthday or eating dinner on the floor at our study nights.

One grand part of God’s zillion character traits is his ability to bring you to the place you’re supposed to be. The past few months I was so anxious and worried about our unknown future. Were we staying in the military? If so, for how long? Or did God want us to change course towards the mission field? If so, which country? When? I had so many questions for God but then he had questions for me, Did you imagine all this? Did you imagine marriage and living in Korea?
I laughed. Of course I didn’t.
Then why are you worrying? If you didn’t imagine this place, don’t you understand the next place will be just as good? Trust me.
The path of Christ isn’t easy but it’s good. The kind of good that both nourishes and stretches the soul to serve and love others. We may not know our next location, job, purpose, home etc. but we know God is bringing us somewhere wonderful.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17